NewSmile is an aligner company that was originally formed in Canada in 2017, but is now serving customers across the US.
NewSmile makes big promises – clear aligners giving you straighter teeth in a faster time. They’re a low-cost clear aligner provider with a fully at-home service, claiming to give you a better (and whiter) smile in just 4-6 months.
• Choice of all-day or at-night aligners
• Good value compared to other providers
• Suitable for 13 year olds and up
• Video call support if needed
• No clinics for in-person consultations
• No guarantee you’ll get the results you expect
Treatment Overview
Treatment Timeline
Suitable for...
In-Person Support ⓘ
Offers Night Option ⓘ
Offers Monitoring ⓘ
4 to 10 months
Mild to moderate cases
NewSmile aligners are available to anyone aged 13 or over, but you’ll need to have lost all of your baby teeth before you can start. Aligners are designed for anyone with mild to moderate issues, including overcrowding, gaps between teeth, or teeth that have come in at an unusual angle.
Getting Started
When you first apply for NewSmile aligner treatment, you’ll need to order an impression kit. This is then sent to your home for you to make an impression of your current smile, so that the dentists and orthodontists can plan your treatment and confirm that you’re a suitable candidate.
NewSmile is a completely at-home dental aligner provider, giving you the option of all-day aligners or night-time only aligners. You start your treatment with an impression kit that you do yourself at home, with a video call available if you need help. Then, licensed dentists and orthodontists will create your custom aligners.
NewSmile is a very new company but they have over 800 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. There is no live chat service so if you will need to call or wait for an email response. But they do provide a free video call with an expert when you do your impression kit.
Pricing Breakdown
Impression Kit 
Installment Plan
$49 - $139
$149 - included
$84 - $92 /month
The cost of NewSmile aligner treatment varies depending on whether you choose all-day aligners or night aligners, and whether you want to pay upfront or spread the cost with a finance plan - but in general, they are an affordable option compared to competitors. 
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